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I was just going for lunch!

Nature, Nautical, Photography | Posted by Richard May 13th, 2009
I was just going for lunch!

I decided after several days of overcast and gray skies, that I could not let a day with sunshine go by.  Even if the winds were suppose to be up.  So, with a sandwich and chips in hand I headed out for a lunch on the water.

The water wasn’t too bad so why not go out a ways for lunch.  Well, why not go on out past the second oil platform where I often find dolphins.   NOTHING!  Float around and eat lunch then decided even though the ocean was getting rough, that I liked the way I saw waves crashing on Santa Cruz Island.


I was starting to get 8 – 10 foot seas and in the Zodiac wasn’t concerned about safety — just a rough ride home.  I was 20 miles away.  Time to head home.   But, wait.  NO WAY.  Whales are out of season and should all be gone!   I found myself in the middle of four active humpback whales.  Check out the photo album here and Richard’s Photographs for more images.