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Channel Islands Dolphin Audio

Uncategorized | Posted by admin December 28th, 2009


Cody, Shannon, Ken, Sharon and I went for a boat ride yesterday. We got into a huge pod of dolphins. Pictures, of course. But here an audio of them….

Channel Island Dolphin Audio


Amateur Radio | Posted by admin December 27th, 2009

Live Channel Islands WebCam

There is currently a webcam positioned to look out the master bedroom window shooting the channel with my zodiac and Silverton boat. You can see streaming video from the link on the homepage.

Watch for boats to go by…

Snow in WDC!

Travel, Work | Posted by Richard December 16th, 2009

Our last Monday Night Football show was in Washington, DC. ┬áNeedless to say, it was the weekend they got 24″ of snow….