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Three Photos For Exhibit

Photography | Posted by Richard May 28th, 2009
Three Photos For Exhibit

Three of my photographs have been accepted by the Buenaventura Art Associate for display this summer in the halls of Ventura Community Memorial Hospital.

I was just going for lunch!

Nature, Nautical, Photography | Posted by Richard May 13th, 2009
I was just going for lunch!

I decided after several days of overcast and gray skies, that I could not let a day with sunshine go by.  Even if the winds were suppose to be up.  So, with a sandwich and chips in hand I headed out for a lunch on the water.

The water wasn’t too bad so why not go out a ways for lunch.  Well, why not go on out past the second oil platform where I often find dolphins.   NOTHING!  Float around and eat lunch then decided even though the ocean was getting rough, that I liked the way I saw waves crashing on Santa Cruz Island.


I was starting to get 8 – 10 foot seas and in the Zodiac wasn’t concerned about safety — just a rough ride home.  I was 20 miles away.  Time to head home.   But, wait.  NO WAY.  Whales are out of season and should all be gone!   I found myself in the middle of four active humpback whales.  Check out the photo album here and Richard’s Photographs for more images.

Nature, Uncategorized | Posted by Richard May 8th, 2009

intensityWe just felt an earthquake here.  If you are going to have one, guess this one was good as it was a “kewl” and then over.  Just a sharp jolt but not enought to rattle anything.  Although, I grew up on the New Madrid fault and felt these types of quakes all the time.  There was another small quake down toward Orange County last week.   Maybe this is good an releasing energy.  Seems this area has a large quake about every 10 years and I have been out here about that long.

Uncategorized | Posted by Richard May 5th, 2009


Here is a photo from the beach of a Delta II rocket launch from Vandenburg AFB.  Vandenburg is about 50 miles away, but we can often see the launch and lucky enough to have see a couple at night.   See