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Great Weather For Boating

Nature | Posted by Richard April 6th, 2009

My friend, Glen Kinney and follow ham radio operator come over today With the great weather we (I) decided to go OUT in the boat rather than WORK on the boat.  We went up to Ventura and about 8 miles out close to platform Grace before returning toward the harbor.  No whales and as it often goes, the dolphins were just outside the harbor.  Still a nice trip.

Photo Site Re-Vamped

Photography | Posted by Richard April 2nd, 2009



I have reworked my photo’s site making it simpler to view.  The site is designed and programmed by myself using PHP.  Behind the scenes is where it shines, but unfortunately no one sees that.  I have taken the time to write routines that makes posting new images and all the assorted requirements as simple as just uploading the image.

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