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Raccoon? On the beach?

Nature | Posted by Richard March 30th, 2009

Ok, now I know I moved out here from Arkansas not yet ten years ago and there are a lot of things that I miss.  Many things I don’t.  But, you always think of Arkansas being more country.  So, why is it I had a raccoon on my deck, over the salt water, in a harbor next to a beach in California??

5000+ Miles In Two And A Half Weeks

Travel, Uncategorized | Posted by Richard March 21st, 2009

What started off as a trip to Arkansas to visit family, ending up driving instead of flying.  I drove from Oxnard to Dallas to visit Collin and Becca, then up to Arkansas.  My youngest son is going to Henderson State University in Arkadelphia.  So after an afternoon visit and dinner, I drove up to Conway where I stayed in that area for about a week.

Cody flew into Little Rock on a Friday and after a weekend with grandkids, we headed back going through Mounument Valley, Bryce and Zion National Park.  An overnight stay in Las Vegas and then home.   Eighteen days and 5064 diving miles!

Will be posting more specific information in the near future.

Updated Amateur Radio Web Site

Amateur Radio | Posted by Richard March 2nd, 2009

One of my biggest passions other than photography and boats and cars (hmmm…) is amateur radio.  I have been licensed since 1970 and active on the air for most of those years.  While there are some limitations where I currently live, I still enjoy the thrill of throwing out a call and see who comes back.   Could be local.  Could be around the world.

My amateur radio web site is all changed.  I had lived with the last one for more years than I would like to admit.  Now it has moved into the 21st century with a blog.  You can visit it at WD5B.